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KS4 Maths Teaching Toolkit support sheets
KS4 Maths Teaching Toolkit support sheets

Key material on a sheet to write on

The 261 printable Support Sheets are fully-integrated maths resources that can be used in tandem with the question-based, slide-show Teaching Presentations. They contain key information and diagrams from the relevant slide show, and are designed for pupils to write on during the Presentation.

Support Sheets are clearly set out and easy for pupils to use. They engage pupils during their maths lessons. And that's not all.

Pupils save time on copying

Support Sheets are intended to save pupils time copying during the lesson. This leaves them free to concentrate on learning maths, and ensures that your lessons flow.

Need pupils to use a set of axes for graph work? The Support Sheet has axes ready for pupils to draw on.

Need a key diagram from the presentation to help explain trig? The diagram is already on the Support Sheet.

Need a writing frame to help pupils with dyslexia or visual impairment? Again, the writing frame is supplied on the Support Sheet.

We've done the copying, so pupils don't have to.

Download your free KS4 Teaching Toolkit samples today, to discover how these GCSE maths resources support you and your pupils.

KS4 Maths Teaching Toolkit support sheets
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