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KS4 Teaching Toolkit spreadsheet for recording assessments
KS4 Teaching Toolkit spreadsheet that help to write reports

Transforming data into useful information

The spreadsheet application allows you to easily input maths assessment data on pupils. It goes on to analyse that assessment data and generate individual topic targets, model report sentences, predicted maths GCSE grades and more.

The Individual Class Spreadsheet generates three topic targets for each pupil. It then integrates the targets into model sentences that include the pupil's name, their predicted maths GCSE grade and their gender, making your life easier when writing reports.

It also calculates individual predicted grades using assessment criteria that can be adjusted by you. And it compares these predicted grades to your target grades, using a simple visual graphic to show which pupils are above, below or on target.

Spreadsheets to make your life easier

Assessment data from the Individual Class Spreadsheet can be seamlessly imported onto the Whole Year Group Spreadsheet. Colour-coding illustrates at a glance how classes are performing, allowing you to decide where to target intervention.

Meanwhile, if you are one of the many schools using the APP Maths Toolkit, your APP data can easily be imported using the Conversion Spreadsheet, ensuring continuity in maths assessment throughout pupils' development.

The file formats of the Spreadsheets are .xls. All of the features have been coded without using Macros, ensuring that the application runs safely and securely.

Download your free KS4 Teaching Toolkit samples today, to discover how these GCSE maths resources support you and your pupils.

KS4 Teaching Toolkit spreadsheet that keeps record keeping quick
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