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KS4 Teaching Toolkit presentations
KS4 Teaching Toolkit presentations

Presenting understanding

The KS4 Teaching Toolkit contains question-based, slide-show Teaching Presentations on all of the maths GCSE topics shown on our comprehensive list page. The Presentations are designed to support you in your teaching, actively engaging pupils throughout the session with AfL-style questions that allow for constant assessment.


The slide-shows are easy to use and intended to integrate flexibly with your GSCE Maths lessons, still allowing you to teach and assess in the way that you want to.

Information is presented clearly and concisely, in a way that is easy for pupils to understand. And stunning visual graphics are guaranteed to grab their attention.

One-click simple

Teaching Presentations progress on a one-click principle: question and answer slides alternate. Every time you need to show key information or a diagram it is there for you. And pupils have the same basic material on the accompanying Support Sheet.

Download your free KS4 Teaching Toolkit samples today, to discover how these GCSE Maths resources support you and your pupils.

KS4 Teaching Toolkit presentations
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