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KS4 Teaching Toolkit: Expansion Sheets
KS4 Teaching Toolkit

Extensive resources to support teachers and pupils

The KS4 teaching toolkit is an extensive and fully-integrated maths teaching package for schools that provides comprehensive coverage of all GCSE topics from grades A* to G.


Innovative and easy-to-use resources support you and your department in delivering outstanding maths lessons that get results.

Question-based, slide-show Teaching Presentations provide you with tools to support pupils in their learning. Printable Support Sheets give pupils basic information and diagrams from the presentation, ready to write on.


And that's just the start. Printable Expansion Sheets offer written practice that mirrors the content of the presentation, while Information Sheets supply a concise set of notes. Meanwhile, the Spreadsheet application transforms assessment data into time-saving information.

The KS4 Teaching toolkit resources offer complete coverage. For each of the 261 maths GCSE topics provided on our list page, the toolkit supplies a Presentation. And each of the 261 Presentations comes with an accompanying Support Sheet, Expansion Sheet and Information Sheet.

Download your free KS4 Teaching Toolkit samples today, to discover how these GCSE maths resources support you and your pupils.

Maths Route Maps

Maths Route Maps supply a visual display of GCSE topics, in order and in their entirety. They give pupils a clear indication of what they need to do in order to progress within a topic area. They illustrate to you how to integrate content from the KS4 Teaching Toolkit into your GCSE scheme of work.

Maths topics are grouped into 'routes', whilst 'zones' indicate their level of difficulty. This layout demonstrates to pupils the necessity of a secure understanding of all topics leading up to their GCSE target grade.

The Maths Route Maps make great classroom wall-displays. These resources are available to teachers and schools for free, and can be downloaded here: maths route maps .

KS4 Teaching Toolkit route maps for wall displays
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