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Key questions on a sheet to write on

The 261 printable Expansion Sheets supply extra questions on the same content as the slide-show Teaching Presentations, providing pupils with written practice in all maths GCSE topic areas.

The question sheets include GCSE exam-style questions, with diagrams that are clear to read even when scaled down. The answer sheets give solutions in a user-friendly format, repeating questions with answers in the exact-same layout.

A flexible friend

Expansion sheets are both fully integrated with the Teaching Presentations, yet also stand-alone, allowing you to use these resources in the way that you want to.

You might give pupils an Expansion Sheet part-way through or after a Presentation, as AfL or as a summative assessment respectively. Equally, the worksheets could be used as an initial assessment, or even as maths homework.

Either way, the choice is yours.

Download your free KS4 Teaching Toolkit samples today, to discover how these GCSE maths resources support you and your pupils.

KS4 Teaching Toolkit maths
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