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We hope that our website has given you an insight into our products and how they can support you and your pupils in the classroom.

If you do have a question then please email us at:

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We will be delighted to answer your questions. We have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions from the past months. Do please tell us if there is anything more that you would like to know.

KS4 Teaching Toolkit

Frequently asked questions

Do you do a trial version?
We give those who have bought from us a product that is easy to install and use. We give those who are thinking of buying from us free samples without registration, and feature over 20 other examples on our website. We felt that was the right balance.

What do I need on my system to run these resources?
A Mac or PC with DVD drive for installation.
Adobe Acrobat or Preview (pre-installed or free).
Excel or Open Office for the Spreadsheet application.
A projector or a large display.

Will I need to alter settings to run the Spreadsheet?
No. The Spreadsheet applications run without using Macros, so you will not need to alter your settings.

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End user license agreement

All of our resources are guaranteed to be easy to install. We trust our customers.

We do have to protect our work. This is covered by the End User License Agreements.

These are included on our discs and and can be viewed using the links below.

  • APP Maths Toolkit whole school license agreement  download
  • APP Maths Toolkit individual license agreement  download
  • KS4 Teaching Toolkit license agreement  download

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