APP Maths Toolkit levels 1 to 6

Making formative assessment manageable

The APP Maths Toolkit from Modi Learning allows you to implement AfL for maths in a manageable way. It provides you with a variety of methods of assessment, and pupils with a range of different opportunities to show their progress.

Printable Rich Activities can be used in group work, and enable pupils to demonstrate problem-solving skills. Question Slides are displayed on a projector, and can be employed with mini-whiteboards or other response systems for a quick class overview. Meanwhile, Write-on Worksheets are designed for more formal individual assessment. And a Spreadsheet application both saves time on data entry, and generates personalised targets and levels based on your assessments.

The APP Maths Toolkit Levels 1-6 offers Primary and Secondary schools complete coverage of levels 1-6 for all of the original 157 assessment foci. For each of the 130 assessment foci within the major maths attainment targets, the toolkit contains a Rich Activity, 3 Question Slides and 3 Write-on Worksheets. Meanwhile, the 27 assessment foci within the Using and Applying AT are fully-integrated with the other resources.

Get pupils talking about their maths

The 130 printable Rich Activities present a range of challenges suitable for group work, from mathematical puzzles, team games, card sorting exercises and more.

The activities build both confidence and problem-solving skills, and are guaranteed to get pupils talking about their mathematics.

Flexible and fun, the Rich Activities resources allow pupils to demonstrate their progress in maths in a variety of ways, and in a less formal setting.

APP Maths Toolkit rich activity
APP Maths Toolkit question slides

An instant response for easy AfL

The 130 sets of Question Slides are pdf files for use with a projector; they are optimised for this method of display.

Slides operate on a one-click principle: questions and answers alternate. They can be integrated with your teaching, and employed in tandem with mini-whiteboards or other active response systems to gain a quick overview of a class' understanding.

Easy-to-use and beautifully presented resources, Question Slides are a valuable maths teaching aid that enable whole-class assessment at the click of a button. Implementing APP and AfL could not be quicker or easier!

More formal practice

The 130 printable Write-on Worksheets are question sheet resources that can be used flexibly, in class, for homework, or for an end-of-term assessment.

The Write-on Worksheets can be printed two-per-page to save on photocopying, while accompanying answer sheets make marking easy.

Accessibly written and clearly laid out, Write-on Worksheets provide a more formal assessment of an individual pupil's progress.

APP Maths Toolkit write-on worksheets
APP Maths Toolkit assessment spreadsheet

Give yourself more time

The Spreadsheet application saves you time in administering APP and AfL, whilst also generating useful information from your data.

Data on maths assessment foci for individual pupils can be entered easily; whole-classes can be 'signed-off' with a single click. Meanwhile, the Spreadsheet both produces targets and calculates separate levels for each AT for every pupil, making your life easier when planning, target-setting or writing reports.

The application allows data to be easily transferred between year groups and even from primary to secondary schools, ensuring continuity throughout pupils' development.

The file formats of the Spreadsheet are .xls, and are coded without using Macros.

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